Re: Connect to server feature

On Sun, 4 Apr 2004, Olaf [iso-8859-2] Fr?czyk wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 12:36, Julien Olivier wrote:
> > I'd love it if mounted "volumes" didn't automatically appear on the
> > desktop...
> I vote for it too :)

Me to.
Perhaps it could be a gconf option for it?

OTOH - why not just make it auto-unmount when dropped in the trash-can?

Today when I do this (nautilus 2.6.1) I get a popup saying

  You cannot delete a volume icon.

  If you want to eject the volume, please use Eject in the right-click
  menu of the volume.

1) There is no eject option - but there is an unmount option.
2) Wouldn't it be easier to ask if the user was sure that it would like to
   unmount the remote connection.

The concept of 'mount' is something a lot of users have problems with
understanding anyway. Perhaps something like 'remove link to filesystem'
is apropriate?

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