Re: nautilus's browser mode future

On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 02:21, Michael Knepher wrote:
> As a former/occasionally present BeOS user, it's my opinion that spatial
> nautilus really only needs some minor touches:
>         * Cleaning up windows - Aside from losing the tree view, I think
>         this is what requires the most "retraining" for the user. Make
>         sure the key combos/mouse actions are optimal,available and
>         easily discoverable for any desired action relating to opening,
>         closing and navigating between windows

YES, this is definitively my biggest problem with spatial nautilus.

close-parent-folders is just not enough.

i'd like to have more
close-all-nautilus-windows, close-all-nautilus-windows-except-this (this
is the one i miss the most).


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