Re: About folder backgrounds


I would like to add to this idea and say that the "Use default
background" menu item in the context menu when right clicking the
background of a nautilus window should change to "Set Background" item
that will pop-up a dialog similar to the "Backgrounds and Emblems"

Daniel Brodie

> Hello!
> There is this nice arstechnica review of GNOME 2.6, and they complain
> about not being able to set the background for each folder individually
> (which would make sense from a spatial POV). Of course we know that's
> possible, just slightly hard to discover.
> One user at another place brought up an interesting question. He asked
> whether it would be possible to apply a background to "this folder and
> all children". His reasoning for wanting this was, that with spatial
> navigation you can easily end up with very similar folders which are
> hard to distinguish (imagine a set of the users files and a backup of
> exactly the same files). If the user could set the background of a whole
> tree, he could immediately identify to which tree this folder belongs. 
> So in general, I'm getting kinda excited about the idea of using
> backgrounds to specifically mark certain folders or even trees. Lately I
> noticed that I'm getting an increasingly hard time to distinguish
> individual windows on my desktop, which seems to be a downside of too
> much consistency. :) Everything looks the same.
> To sum it up, my suggestion would be to make "Set as background for this
> folder" the default (or always pop up the choice menu) and a very nice
> feature would be to have child windows inherit the background of their
> nearest parent window with a custom background (unless it has its own
> custom background).
> What do you think? I believe this would make the custom backgrounds not
> just a visual gimmick but a very powerful feature.
> Daniel

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