Re: nautilus's browser mode future

> > I know this is going to be controversial, but I think that the browser
> > mode of nautilus should be removed completely in the 2.8 cycle. Spatial
> > is great and with some extra work it will be perfect. 
> I believe that will happen to the extent that Nautilus 2.8 will only
> have views for directories/files.  Single file/page views are for
> specialized applications.

Oh, come on guys! I have not used spacial, since there's no stable
debian release yet, but I like browser mode. I hate having many windows
on my desktop. That's way I brought up the topic of tabs again at one
point, but the gerneral opinion it seemed to me, was that we'd better
wait for metacity to come up with a masterplan, how to replace tabs.
Anyway, it'd be great, if Nautilus had an option to change it back to
browser mode, cause obviously I'm not the only one, who likes it. I
personally don't mind changing a gconfig setting, but that's just not
what you'd want to have.
Concerning the Nautilus views... I do disagree with you, Curtis.
Applications are to _edit_ files, not to view them. I just installed
gpdf, cause I didn't manage to get ggv to do Nutilus previews, if it is
capable of doing so after all.
I must admit that under windows, I don't like explorer grabbing any
picture and opening it, but with linux, that's totally different, though
I can't tell you why.
However that's just my thoughts on the topic... just wanted to support
Brads opinion a little since I think he's right.

Take care


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