Just an idea to please everyone


I'm not subscribed to this list so please CC any answer.

I guess the main problem people are having with OO-Nautilus is the fact
that each folder will open in a new window. So, if you have some music
in ~/Desktop/Documents/Music/P/Portishead/Dummy/, you have to open 5
windows to reach your file, and finally open a 6th window to listen to

Maybe a solution to this problem would be to simply have a tree embedded
in the right-click context menu... If you right-click on the desktop,
instead of "Open new window", you would have:

 "Open" -> "Documents" -> "Music" -> "P" -> "Portishead"

And clicking on "Protishead" would open a new window with the
"Portishead" folder.

This embedded tree could be available from the right-click menu on the
desktop, from the right-click menu on any folder icon and from the
right-click menu inside any OO-Nautilus window.

Patents problem beside, it could even be extended to embedding this tree
for "copy to" and "move to" actions.

What do you think of this idea ? Would this make OO-Nautilus more
acceptable ?

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