Re: Remote VFS linking patch

On Thu, 2003-10-23 at 01:14, William Lachance wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been working on a patch to allow the creation of links to remote
> VFS URI's using desktop files (example use case: putting a link to your
> favourite samba share on the desktop). I'm pretty new to Nautilus
> hacking, so I've attached a diff (against Nautilus 2.4.0) of what I've
> got so far for consideration/peer-review, before I go any further. 
> There's a few things I know I need to work on:
> 1- There's no user-visible error handling-- I guess I could make it pop
> up one of those nice eel dialogs if my gnome-vfs calls don't succeed?
> 2- My code allows you to make stupid links-- e.g.: to the "Start Here"
> namespace (which just gives you a desktop file pointing to another
> desktop file). We should probably just hide the link option in this
> case. Is there a function I can query to get a list of file-system like
> vfs prefixes (smb, nfs, ..) somewhere? If not, should I write one?
> 3- We should probably add some type of emblem to the created link to
> indicate it's remote. I just haven't gotten around to this yet.
> I hope the patch is o.k. otherwise.
> Any and all feedback is appreciated,

First of all, please read docs/style-guide.html which describes the
Nautilus coding style. As mentioned in HACKING, we're pretty strict on
coding style.

Secondly, the new volume model i'm currently implemented (described in a
mail i sent earlier) has a new "connect to network share" feature that
sort of deprecates desktop links for things like this. Connected shares
will show up on the desktop, in the sidebar tree and in file selector

Third, while desktop file links are still useful for some things I'm not
sure we should integrate them in the file management operations like
this. A lot of applications don't support them, and we're giving the
impression that the link operation succeeded, while it for many (most?)
uses won't work.

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