2 neat bugs (features?) in Nautilus.

First, if you use the tree sidepane and select a directory on it and
click on anotherdirectory on it beforethe first on was fully loaded in
the listview, the directory change in the tree is never updated to the
listview. Shouldn't the listview be changed to the new directory even if
the old one wasn't fully loaded?

Second, if you are renaming a file, select a part of the name and
rightclick on it, you get the typical popup with copy-cut-paste. Well,
select one of the and it cut's the part of the text that was selected,
as you'd expect. But if you use keyboard shortcuts like ctrl-c it
doesn't copy the selected text, but the file you are renaming. But if
you press delete while renaming, it deletes the selectedtext, not the
file. So this behavior isn't consistent. This probably is just an
oversight, but would be cool to fix.


"Getting an education was a lot like having a sexual disease. It made
you unsuitable to a lot of jobs and you had the urge to pass it on."
			- A weirdo quoting PTerry to me in an email.

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