Re: [patch] Change "Close all parents" to be "Close parent folders"

this looks ok to me.


On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 04:46, David Adam Bordoley wrote:
> This patch changes the behavior of the "Close all parents" menu item in 
> spatial mode to be "Close Parent Folders." 
> The change in behavior is that this menu item now only closes a folder's 
> parents not the folder itself. I also changed the menu label to better 
> clarify this as the behavior (imo). 
> Why is this better? 
> Well from my personal use, I find that I tend to keep folders i'm working in 
> open for a while. In the case where a folder is deep in hierarchy I usually 
> just click till i get to it, then have to go close all the individual 
> folders that got me there. This change in behavior allows me to get to where 
> i'm going, then close all the folders that got me there in one quick step. I 
> think this is probably a much more useful menu item. With this patch, the 
> previous behavior only require two actions. one to close all parents and one 
> to close the current folder. For the use case i've targeted with this patch 
> many more clicks are required with the old behavior. 
> So what do you think? 
> dave

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