RE: [PATCH] make navigation window default size bigger #127604

Il ven, 2003-11-28 alle 00:14, Eugenia Loli-Queru ha scritto:
> >From the patch:
> Please change the numbers to something that fits well and feels *spacious*
> on 800x600, or please don't change it at all (the current defaults even work
> on 640x480, which is a good thing, even if that resolution is at 1% of
> global usage).

640x480 seems good on 1280x1024. Just a little issue, IMHO: enabling the
sidepane (with a reasonable width) you have only 2 columns of icons in
icon view. You should add 10 or 20 pixels.

But I think this is a very little issue (and note it's related to my
font settings). 

The killer feature could be remember the window size (and position?).

> Best Regards,
> Eugenia


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