Re: Text file detected as MP3 audio

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003, Michael Imamura wrote:

> I've encountered a strange problem with Nautilus 2.4.1 which I've been
> scratching my head over... I have a text file in my home directory which
> Nautilus insists is an MP3 file, even though the 'file' command
> identifies it correctly as 'ASCII Text'.
> I've reduced the file to as few lines as possible and have attached it.
> Is this a bug in Nautilus?  Is there some way to give Nautilus a hint
> that it's a text file, not an MP3?

It probably thinks it's an ID3 tag. There's probably not much you can do
about that...

Pine thinks it's an application/audio file too, btw.

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