Hello everyone,
I just compiled Gnome 2.5.1 from the CVS as I wanted to try out the new
It works fine in spatial mode, but I thought there was a way to revert it
into the old mode. How is this done? I didn't find any preference panel or
option to revert to the old mode...

With the opportunity of this email, please allow me to also submit two
problems I found on the way: nautilus-media seems to be broken atm in the
CVS (it doesn't like at all this "type = gst_props_entry_get_type(entry);"
found in several sources), and also I had to comment out this:
NautilusIconCanvasItem *item;
line 2289 on libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-canvas-item.c
cause Nautilus wouldn't build on my Fedora Core 1 (it was only a warning for
an unused variable, yet gcc managed to bail out).


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