Re: editing the gnome menu

petri kanerva surfeu fi wrote:
Is there a way to edit the main gnome menu without running nautilus and
going to applications:/// ?  After taking about half an hour to start up
(which is normal for nautilus)

I think there must be something wrong in your nautilus installation. I
have a P2 266, and my nautilus starts in about 30-60 secs...
And I know that 'half an hour' was jast an expression to tell it takes a
long time.

Yes, "half an hour" was an exaggeration. It consistently takes just about 10 seconds to start up if I repeatedly open and close it; if I haven't run it in a while, it sometimes takes 15 or 20 seconds. And once it's open, it's slow navigating, slow reading dirs and slow displaying dir contents. That's just not acceptable for a file manager. Rox, by comparison, always starts in 1-2 seconds; navigating directories is quick, as one might expect something simple like navigating directories to be. (Both on my PIII 850MHz / 512MB system.)


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