RE: shift=and-close-the-current-folder?

Le lun 10/11/2003 à 11:54, Alexander Larsson a écrit :
> Personally I think Ctrl-Alt-up/down + Ctrl-double click would be a
> better combo. Ctrl-click means "select without unselecting rest", so if
> we make sure the behaviour of this selection mode is right (like the
> current icon view) ctrl-double-click is non-destructive, and we can use
> that. 
> Of course, ctrl-alt-up/down conflicts with metacity again. However, I
> think this it is ok to remove this binding in metacity because:
> * I consider this form of workspace switching quite inefficient, and I
> think heavy users of workspaces already mapped up Ctrl-Fn or similar to
> immediately go to the right workspace.
> * Causual users can use the workspace switcher
> * Other applications are bound to want the alt-ctrl-arrow keys also,
> they are very useful

I don't agree with you, this keybinding has been around for a loooong
time (was already there with GNOME 1.4) and it is the only <by default>
way to changing workspace with keyboard.. Do we really want to force
users to configure their desktop for changing workspace when using a
keyboard ? 

> Of course, this is the defaults. We still allow users to map
> <whatever>-arrow to switch workspaces. And maybe we should change
> alt-shift to do workspace switching instead of move-window-to-workspace,
> since that operation is in the window menu, so you can already use the
> keyboard with: alt-space <number>.

Replacing a keybinding by another one is really giving the hammer to
users to be smashed :)

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandrakesoft com>

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