Re: Performance

> I think thats would be worse.
> You quickly get the wrong data, and then you can't use it while the data
> is moving around to the final correct state. And this would make the
> total time longer than the current time.
> My guess is that konqueror is faster in this example because it matches
> mime types for mp3 by extension, instead of sniffing. I prefer getting
> correct results over speed though.

Hmm.. Indeed you're right.

A better proposition though: why not do determine MIME types using
extensions if (and only if) the number of files in the folder exceeds a
certain value ?

Or another possibility could be to cache the MIME types. For example, if
you have a folder with 1000 MP3 files, Nautilus would determine the MIME
types and, then, keep a file listing each files and it's MIME type. Next
time you open this folder, it tries to retrieve the MIME type from this
cache file first.

Sorry if those are stupid propositions. I'll shut my mouth now :) 

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