Re: any ideas about the pop menu for treeview component?


On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 03:51, Zhiyuan Liu wrote:
> I'am thinking about adding  the pop menu for treeview component.
> this feature enhancement is necessary for a perfect file manager.
> Has someone started the work?

I've already looked at it some months ago (in the 2.3 development
series). The conclusion was that it needs reorganization of some code
parts and that wasn't possible anyway in that stage of the 2.4 release
process. I've put it off to 2.5, now we are there, so someone can look
at it again. I'll probably have another look at it but am currently busy
with other things. So, feel free to start yourself, but please keep the
mailing list up to date when you make progress.


Jürg Billeter

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