Re: Major change in desktop handling

On Fri, May 16, 2003 at 10:12:47AM +0700, Darryl Rees wrote:
> AFAI can see, Desktop has only one thing going for it - KDE
> interoperability.  Has this been raised on xdg? (I've seen it
> mentioned in passing, but not as an issue in itself).

It has been raised in the past, yes. The solution I'd proposed was a
thing called desktop-directory-utils. With Alex's "virtual icons"
solution though that's no longer required.

KDE has a configurable location for the desktop, including $HOME,
so full interoperability there would really mean some spec for where
to store that setting.

I don't think we can go very far down the "shared config options"
route without having a shared config system implementation.  Or you
end up with zillions of little dotfiles each with their own spec.


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