Re: Major change in desktop handling

I agree that Desktop is better than .gnome-desktop. However, I'm using
my home directory as my desktop right now and plan to in the future. I
do this because it means I have consistency between files I access from
my desktop and files I access from an xterm. (it also means that I keep
my home directory a *lot* cleaner than I would otherwise).

How will this patch affect those of us who use their home directory as
their desktop? Personally I find KDE annoys me because it decides to
throw a visible Desktop folder in my home directory. Will this be the
same with Gnome? Will the option remain to not have a Desktop folder?
Will applications (file requestors, file browsers, etc.) assume that
Desktop is different from Home?

Peter Harvey <pah06 uow edu au>
SITACS, University of Wollongong

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