Re: commit: AbiWord is now a Nautilus View.


On Sun, 30 Mar 2003, Martin Sevior wrote:
> I've tried overriding destroy functions in the abiwidget control and 
> connecting to the "destroy" and "delete_event" events. Nothing ever seems 
> to get called. Reading through the EOG code implies that merely overiding 
> the destroy functions should work. But it didn't for me.
> I'll look into the nautilus-adapter code to see if there is some clue as 
> to what signal it gives the control when it disconnects.
> Thanks for your help Jason.

my experience is, that in most cases you have some hanging remote
BonoboObject references in your control. We had this problem in the eog
lifecycle too, and fixed this by looking through the code carefully and
make sure everything is unref'ed/free'ed correctly. Nautilus will unref
the component when it's no longer used. But if the component has some
references to remote BonoboObjects yet the whole component won't be shut
down by the bonobo framework.

Hope this helps,


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