Re: commit: AbiWord is now a Nautilus View.

On Sat, 2003-03-29 at 08:13, Martin Sevior wrote:

> Can someone on the Nautilus or gnome-components-list tell how I should 
> signal AbiWord that the Nautilus view has closed? Otherwise we have a 
> Frame with attached timers left hanging limbo waiting for it's gdk window 
> to go stale.

I briefly investigated this a couple of weeks ago when playing with the Vim
control.  I noticed that when I would click "Back" from viewing the Vim control,
Vim's menus and toolbar buttons would not go away, even though the Vim control
was long gone.  

It appears from the libbonoboui source that calling 
bonobo_ui_component_unset_container() should do the trick, but I don't
know for sure.  I attempted this within the control's destroy callback:

    uic = bonobo_control_get_ui_component (BONOBO_CONTROL (control));
    if( uic != CORBA_OBJECT_NIL )
        bonobo_ui_component_unset_container (uic, NULL);

But it had no effect.  Perhaps the "destroy" event is too late, anyways -- this
should be in "deactivate".  However, a quick browse through the Nautilus code 
revealed that Nautilus never calls bonobo_control_frame_control_deactivate().
Perhaps it needs to call this to give the control a chance to unmerge and shut

It would be great if someone in-the-know (Hi Michael!) could confirm how 
un-merging is supposed to work.  

Jason D. Hildebrand
jason peaceworks ca

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