Re: Better PDF/PS/Dia thumbnailers

On 23 Mar 2003, Peter Harvey wrote:

> One question I do have with the current system of thumbnailers is -
> What's the correct size for thumbnails? Nautilus doesn't scale them back
> down if they're inappropriately large, which I think it should. If the
> correct thumbnail size is set somewhere in the gconf database, we can
> easily get it out using gconftool. The same goes for per-thumbnailer
> options like maximum file sizes or CPU times.

The thumbnails are supposed to fit in a 128x128 square ("normal" size 
thumbnails according to the thumbnail spec). To future-safe your scripts. 
Use %s in the commandline, which will expand to 128.

Also, Nautilus has code to scale it down to 128x128 if the script is to 
large. Doesn't this work?

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