Re: Accessing Files on a Novell Netware server

>>>>> "CF" == Christophe Fergeau <teuf users sourceforge net> writes:

    CF> Le sam 07/06/2003 à 04:23, Mike Drummond a écrit :
    >> Is it possible through Nautilus to access files on a Novell
    >> Netwatre (4.10) server in the same way as you acess SMB shares
    >> ?.  If not does anyone know of an alternative desktop package
    >> that can do this ?

    CF> I believe ncpfs
    CF> does
    CF> that. Once you have a ncpfs mount, Nautilus should be able to
    CF> deal with them. There were bugs with that, but they should be
    CF> fixed in newer gnome-vfs.

Does that include the one where gnome-vfs wouldn't write anything to
an NCPFS mounted filesystem as df would return no free space?


Desktop Services Team, EUCS.

University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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