Re: Killing Views Part 2 - The return of the Usabilty study

On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 10:50, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> There are many opinions on this. Some people like it, some don't. I
> personally like viewers for filetypes that are predominantly consumed,
> as opposed to created/edited. This means things like html, images, text,
> pdf documents, etc.

I would agree with these, but then I thought "Hmm, I don't like opening
text documents in Nautilus" and I think its because it looks like it can
be editted, but it can't. How about if we used an HTML view to display
text rather than a text widget?

Just sor tof thinking out loud...
"The 'developed' nations gave to the 'free market' the status of a god,
sacrificing to it their farmers, farmlands, and communities, their
forests, wetlands and praries, their ecosystems and watersheds. They had
accepted universal pollution and global warming as normal costs of doing
buisness." - Wendell Berry

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