Revisiting the implementation of Nautilus Views (again)

	A while ago I was involved in a discussion regarding the way Nautilus
should handle Views (such as possibly killing them off). I was
describing a method where upon entering a "zoom mode" nautilus would
unobtrusivly generate the view in a floating window. 

Im not sure when, but it seems konqueror has implemented my "floating
window view" idea (although it may be missing the Zoom semantics which I
think is a important ui metaphor for views). Attached is a screen shot
from showing the view window.

With a screen shot in hand, Id like to raise my idea again:

If the user wants regular click-execute via mimi-type sematics, the user
user never has to know about views -- they are effectivly dead.

If the user wants "View/Zoom" semantics, the user would toggle a
Magnifying glass Icon which would change the cursor to a magnifying
glass, and enable View-on-Mouseover behavior. When the cursor is held
over a data File, a window would appear with the corresponding data View
that would behave similar to a tool-tip window -- as seen in the
attachment (without the extraneous metadata Konq has).

I would like to know what the senior Nautilus guys think.


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