Re: "New Folder" creates a directory

There was some discussion about what was the appropriate term to use here - it is arguable whether directory would be less confusing than 
folder, since the directory is graphically represented as a folder. The terms folder and directory are used in GNOME as follows:

Folder - "A representation of a directory in a graphical program. Use the term folder when you document programs that use folder icons to
represent directories."

Directory - "A special type of file that enables you to organize other files into a hierarchical structure. Only use the term directory 
when you make specific references to the structure of the file system."



> From: Mike Burns <netgeek speakeasy net>
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> Subject: "New Folder" creates a directory
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> Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 15:44:19 -0400
> I don't often use Nautilus but sometimes do for my multimedia directories. I
> just tried to create a new directory and discovered only "New Folder". It
> appears that it creates a directory, so I'm just wondering why the word
> "Folder" is used where "Directory" would have been less confusing. Or does
> this not create a directory but instead a "folder" (whatever that is)?
> Thanks for the help. Please CC replies to me.
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