File management window -- some changes


* s/Include a Delete command .../Allow to delete file directly

        or a similar one. IMHO reading "Include a Delete command" is
        wrong: 1) include... where? 2) command? What's a command?

* s/<b>Trash</b>/<b>Deleting Files</b>

        Not totally wrong, but here we are not configuring the trash

* s/Ask before emptying trash .../Ask before definitively delete files

        I like something to make more clear that those actions are


(Are we in UI freeze or don't? )

Remove the 'Tree View Default' section. Motivations:
      * We don't have a 'tree view' like list and icon one, something
        like MacOS finder, I mean. So this is the wrong place and the
        wrong label
      * How many people are using it? IMHO it's an advanced feature,
        good for a gconf only access

And we need labels for optionmenu in Icon Captions section: this is an
HIG bug!!

Oh, and 24 pixels between buttons and notebook's bottom border!!


Can we use the file-manager.png icon, recently added in

P.S. Sorry, there was no time for me to prepare a patch :-(
Think bigger

			My uncle

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