Re: Small patch: Fix the start-here sidebar

On Fri, 2003-06-13 at 14:59, Mark Finlay wrote:
> Hey all
> I've already fixed the applications:// sidebar, now I want to fix
> the start-here:// sidebar - for some reason it's using a scaled 
> up 48x48 image which looks like bunk, even though we have a nice
> crisp 96x96 image in the icon in the icon them.
> I can't figure out why nautilus isn't using the 96x96 image, but 
> I do know how to fix it: rename the 96x96 gnome-starthere.png
> in the icon theme to gnome-starthere-96.png, then change 
> to point at the new icon. I've tried it
> and it works, and my god does it look better.
> Do you want me to commit this fix, or does someone want to try and
> work out why the 96x96 icon isn't being used automatically?

I fixed this in cvs.

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