Re: where is emblem info stored ?

> So, a script that copies ~/.nautilus/emblems/* to 
> ~/.icons/gnome/48x48/emblems and adds "emblem-" to the filename should 
> fix this.

Then running the script will fix the issue and you will be able to to go
back to gnome2.0 aswell as long as the old files are not removed.
Although any new emblems added to in gnome 2.2 will not be avaliable in

Should definately be in the release notes.

> Unfortunately there is another problem with the whole custom emblem thing. 
> If you use a theme that doesn't inherit from "gnome" the emblems in 
> ~/.icons/gnome/48x48/emblems would not be picked up, and this is where the 
> custom emblem install in nautilus places them...

This I really don't think you can do anything about - that would be a
theme issue. All themes should really inherit from gnome.

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