Re: multi rooted tree sidebar

On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 12:50, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On some level, the Right Way to do the file selector is not to have
> one; you just open the file manager, and double-click the file. The
> reason this isn't feasible is that the MIME system is fucked up and
> doesn't get file associations quite right, as it does on Mac.
> If the goal is to have the filesel be just like nautilus, I would
> think we should fix nautilus so you can use it instead of a filesel,
> instead of plugging in nautilus as a filesel. Someone PLEASE fix the
> stupid MIME system...
> That said, last I talked to Owen he wanted to have both the filesel
> "filesystem model backend" and the filesel GUI be pluggable in some
> way, because we need to change the backend for plain GTK vs. win32
> vs. gnome-vfs, and we need to change the GUI for gtk vs. win32 vs. OS
> X, so kind of a natural fallout of that is that people will be able to
> plug in and experiment with whatever wacky filesel makes them feel
> fuzzy.
> What I'd advocate for the default gtk/gnome filesel though would be
> something that came up quickly, was simple, and had shortcuts to
> common/recent locations.
> Havoc

with a list view.  :->

Seriously though there are going to be uses for a fileselector inside of
an application even with a decent MIME system.  Why?  

In a mail program you are going to need it for choosing attachments.  

Inside of an office application you are going to need a fileselector
window for choosing images or charts or other things to embed in your

The file save as feature is another obvious one but there might be a way
around that.  

Still, in many applications there are going to be instances where the
user needs to choose a file like when you choose a directory or file to
add to your rhythmbox library.  I think the add to library entry in the
menu would be used even if you had the option in Nautilus on music files
or directories to add them to the Rhythmbox library.  Why?  

If you are already working in the app going to a well-designed
fileselector window is easier than minimizing the app opening up folder
after folder and then right-clicking and finally getting the choice to
perform the desired action using the app that you already had open to
begin with.  IMO.  

Johnathan Bailes <johnathan bailes esi baesystems com>

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