Re: [PATCH] Change list-view rename-behaviour

On Mon, 2003-01-13 at 13:27, marten ter borgh wrote:
> Roberto Rosselli Del Turco wrote:
>   > I would have patched it the other way round: what's more intuitive than
>   > clicking and changing an icon's name? If you click on the *icon* you
>   > won't be annoyed by the rename option.
>   >
>   > Ciao
>   >
> I don't agree. Bug 83552 has lots of good arguments why this should nit 
> happen, let me copy+paste them:

Ok it is a me-too post.  However, the usual Windows style behavior of
click-rename actions happens to be one of those situations where the
windows world has this the wrong way.  Renaming a file even through the
right-->properties procedure is much better than the Windowish way of
doing things.  It is simply too easy to click on a file wrong and screw
the name up.   

Johnathan Bailes <johnathan bailes esi baesystems com>

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