Mplayer for GNOME 2 - Lumiere 0.2 released


I released Lumiere 0.2, The GNOMEification of mplayer (for GNOME 2)
It is now usable, keeps aspect ratio of movie, goes fullscreen...
It works fine inside nautilus2 too, better with the stable nautilus than
with the devel (2.1.5)

Tested with mandrake cooker and mandrake 9.0 on a K6 and a VIA C3
(if you test it on different archs / distros and it works please

A few issues still make it crash some times...

The autoconf / automake scripts now detect things better and the install
is portable.

Install in your GNOME2 prefix. (./configure --prefix=YOUR GNOME PREFIX)

Leech from
and feedback...


Stéphane Konstantaropoulos

-- Linux Applications Developer
---  Tel.: +32 486070852
---  @: stephanek brutele be

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