Re: File management dialog -- UI review partially applied

Il lun, 2003-01-06 alle 17:03, Dave Camp ha scritto:
> I applied the patch with the following changes:

OK, but there are some oversight[1]:

        1. spacing between widgets[2]
        2. sentence capitalization in optionmenu
        3. no-resisable window

All from HIG. See attach.

BTW: there is a little incoherence in glade and/or gtk. In order to have
12 px between window border and widgets you have to set dialog-border
and vbox-border to 5 (!!). Same for spacing between buttons and widgets.
Prob manually editing .glade file...

[1] or it's right due to UI and string freeze?
[2] 12 pixel between label and optionmenu, 12 px between window border
and widget, 24 pixel between last widget and buttons

Think bigger

			My uncle

Description: application/glade

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