Re: media side panel

as i sayed already before - every uri can be added. And in the
screenshot the network browsing is already included (there is a domain
DIALOG,WORKGROUP,POWERFLASH,aso). I have overwritten the old screenshot
- so it can be that you have seen the old one.

> This looks great but it probably needs to also include a hook for the
> new proposed lan:// or at the very least the smb: uris.  Just having the
> tree view incorporate preferences and media is great but having a way in
> the sidebar to get to the network browsing would be a great inclusion.
> I know you mentioned this in your original post but I did not see it any
> of your screenshots.  I have also seen some screenshots of a network
> neighborhood view where you can add servers and such.  How far away is
> that?
> Does anyone know?
> -- 
> Johnathan Bailes <johnathan bailes esi baesystems com>

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