Re: nautilus tree side bar

On Fri, 2003-01-03 at 09:12, Damien Covey wrote:
> What you are describing is exactly what a lot of people have been 
> requesting for a long while (I'm one of them).  I'd like to suggest the 
> following structure.
>  >home-dir
wont work with the tree model which is at time in use (the hash table
lookup will fail - i think so) - i though already about a gnome-vfs
module which offers a home:// uri - wouldn't this be an idea ?
>  >external drives (ie floppy, flash, and the cool new burn:// uri)
everything which can be accessed with an uri can be added to it
>  >root-dir
>  >network (smb, nfs etc)
>  >printers (cups, lp, smb etc)
> I do not see the need for the preferences root though.  
The user can add to his sidebar whatever he wants - thats what i've
planned (also not working at time)
> Also the latest 
> Nautilus sidebar has changed somewhat, I'm not sure to what extent but 
> maybe any work you intend to doing might be better done against 2.1.x ?
As far as i have seen the tree sidebar code hasn't changed really heavy
- or i am wrong at this point. But it should be a problem to merge it
into 2.1.x - because it is a bonobo component.
>  I'd very much like to be able to help with any testing of this as I 
> can, I'm not much of a coder so I'll help where I can.
> -Damien
> >hi,
> >
> >Wouldn't it be a good idea to have the nautilus tree panel be
> >"multi-rooted" - so that you can have something like:
> >>home-dir
> >>root
> >>smb
> >>preferences
> >.....
> >with an option to add more uris (cameras aso.) to it.
> >i've seen that it has been discussed already - but havn't found that
> >someone is already working on it. So I've triied to make it - you can
> >find a first screenshot at:
> > - it is compiled
> >against nautilus 2.0.8 and still very buggy.
> >So, have a look at it and let me know what you think
> >
> >mfG
> >Wolfi
> >

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