Re: File sharing with Nautilus

On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 00:00, Mathias Hasselmann wrote:
> Bill Garrett wrote:
> >>Well, which web servers do you want to support? Only Apache?
> >>
> >>Okay... first off, you're talking root access required on everything...
> > 
> > This is not necessarily the case for Web servers, but the alternative may not
> > be any more pleasant.  
> Either this. Or what's about the good old concept of running a proxy 
> deamon granting this privileges? Hmm. Since we need a webserver for this 
> kind of stuff anyway: Couldn't Webmin do the job for us?
> > Obviously, this does not address SMB, NFS, and many other file-sharing
> > mechanisms.  It also raises the question of "is it the business of Nautilus to
> > be doing this?"
> YES, in my opinion it is.
> <chearleading>
> Hey, Apple is able to do this job. The KDE folks are able to do it? 
> Don't tell me that the Nautilus teams doesn't know how to do it.
> </chearleading>
Apple is a 100% integrated system, something that, unfortunately, we
don't have in GNOME (that is, we can't distribute apache with GNOME and
set it up to tailor our needs, whereas Apple can do that with Mac OS).
Also, the KDE folks use the personal HTTP server on whatever port
approach, which, IMO, is wrong. It makes things non-standard and not
integrate at all with anything, also, it makes impossible to have
several users running their personal servers, since they would be using
the same port, etc, etc


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