Disable "New Terminal" from right-click menu

I'm a tech in a K-12 public school district. We are using a K12LTSP system to provide terminals in our high school library. I'm running Nautilus (version 2.2.1) so that students can run a script to login and access their private home directories located on a Netware server. Things are working well!

In securing the system, I removed all programs (except OO and Mozilla) from the 'Start' menu (we're using IceWM). The last thing I'd like to do is remove the "New Terminal" menu option from the desktop right-click menu (completely removing the right-click option from the desktop would be OK, too). Since these terminals are acting almost like kiosks, I really do not want 16 year olds poking around the terminal.

Is there an easy (or difficult) way to accomplish this?

Mike Lichtenwalner
Technology Specialist
Manheim Township School District
Lancaster, PA

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