Semi-Annual Bug Nag

Since nautilus has a new sidebar now, this leads me to suspect that
these bugs can be closed. I'm pretty sure on most of these, but Dave
said to ask so...

bug 40668 - [Eazel Fixme]index tabs don't ellipsize long titles
"There's a FIXME in draw_one_tab in nautilus-index-tabs.c that says 'we
must"ellipsize" the name if it doesn't fit, for now, assume it does'"

bug 44905 - Left-edge of collapsed Arlo tab looks missing on light

bug 45309 - Custom tab colors can't be reset
"The "reset" tile in the color selector dialog has no effect on custom
tab colors."

bug 46240 - Sidebar tabs should display alpha channel
"It would be nice if sidebar tabs displayed with the full alpha channel.
Currently, if I use translucent PNGs, they only display with binary

bug 47493 - Sidebar leaks one widget (a tabs title) per window

bug 77940 - Clicking on the side bar tab blank area minimises the
corresponding tabs

Unrelated to the sidebar:

bug 40152 - General framework for content-specific icons 
Alex, what exactly did you say about this, I was confused...

I'm tired...
I'll do more tommorow...

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