Re: feature request

On 16 Sep 2002, David Obwaller wrote:

> hi,
> I'm not sure if this is the right place to post a feature request to,
> but as I didn't find any other list that sounded better I'll post it
> here.
> I like the nautilus-scripts feature a lot and therefore I'm using lots
> of nautilus-scripts. As I'm using more and more scripts the scripts menu
> gets a bit long and you can't use it that fast anymore. I would like to
> have scripts defined for specific file-types (mime-types). For example
> if I right-click on an ogg vorbis-file I want to have the 'Queue to
> XMMS' script show up (maybe directly in the context menu), but if I
> click a tar-archive I don't want it to show up.
> Is this planned for future version, or is it already implemented and I
> just didn't find out?

This is a fairly commonly requested feature. It has been discussed some 
times, but the better solution is to make the Gnome mimetype system not 
suck so much. Then per-mimetype actions would just automatically show up 
next to the Open in foo items on the context menu.

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