Re: [gentoo-newbies] reading documentation in .gz format?

Igor Schein wrote:
On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 06:08:01PM -0700, daniel wrote:

in installed sendmail from source and it put a bunch of .gz files on my
machine under /usr/share/doc/sendmail-8.12.5/.  my question is this:  how do
i read the .gz files outside of using something like this:

 gunzip -c /usr/share/doc/sendmail-8.12.5/ | less

there's gotta be an easier way....
did i miss something?

zmore /usr/share/doc/sendmail-8.12.5/ is definitely less
typing, if that's what you're looking for.  Conceptually, it's still
the same.

(I copy this to the nautilus mailing list, they are currently discussing UI :))

that's really an issue, even more if you use Gnome2/Nautilus to browse documentation:

If you're lucky you have File-Roller installed:
Duble-click a document, file-roller opens, doubleclick the file in the file-roller window and another window opens that finally contains the unzipped document to read it. Interestingly this is again a nautilus window containing a text view to display the document. Wouldn't it be possible somehow to skip or hide the file-roller part to just open the document in the text view? (Ahem, probably no because there might be more than one file in a zip)

Now, if you do not have a graphical Zip utility installed in Gnome then you are out of luck and need to go to command line to deal with the zipped file as described above

Not a very satisfying solution

Jens Ansorg

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