Re: The future direction of the Nautilus UI

<quote who="Alexander Larsson">

> I'm really not sure what is the right path here. But I don't think that we
> should apply any patches concerning this until we have decided fully where
> we want to go. I also think that if we decide to keep the navigation model
> we should not be changing the defaults to be oo-like. I think that would
> be doing our users a disservice.

Hey Alex,

This is great, I hope it spawns a good discussion. Thanks. :-)

My only worry with your analysis of the OO model is that it leaves no room
for crossover features or a compromise between the navigation and OO models.

Both the OS X Finder and the Windows Explorer include crossover features
such as browser-like navigation buttons and multi-rooted tree views; and
preferences on basic things such as opening folders in new windows, etc.

Perhaps another item that should be included in a 'general direction'
discussion is interoperability with KDE, and the shift from .gnome-desktop
to Desktop.

Thanks, good reading,

- Jeff

     "I think a lot of the basis of the open source movement comes from     
                procrastinating students." - Andrew Tridgell                

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