Re: Building Nautilus

<quote who="Amir Tsvitov">

> I downloaded the sources for nautilus-2.0.5.
> I ran configure and started down loading the packages I was missing.  
> However I get stuck when nautilus-2.0.5/configure reported it was 
> missing the correct version of eel.
> I downloaded eel-2.0.2 which failed due to GConf.   I got GConf-1.1.11 
> but it fails due to incorrect version of gmodule-2.0.

gmodule is part of glib. It would be easier for you to try one of the build
tools, however. I recommend GARNOME:

(GARNOME handles dependencies too, so if you just want to build Nautilus, it
will just build that and its dependencies.)

- Jeff

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