Re: nautilus default toolbars patch

"David Adam Bordoley" <bordoley pilot msu edu> wrote:
>Hey just wanted to let all the windows fans know that in winxp it
appears that
>even microsoft has turned off the location bar by default when opening
>using explorer mode.

Actually, it appears they only did this in Windows XP Home, Not in
Windows XP Pro (the later verified here) acording to the following at

User interface features
Windows XP Home Edition has some different default settings that affect
the user interface. For example, Guest logon is on by default in Home,
but off in Pro. The Address bar in Explorer windows is on in Pro by
default, but off in Home. During the beta period, Microsoft had intended
to use a business-oriented shell theme ("Professional") by default in
Pro and the "Luna" consumer theme in Home Edition. But feedback from
corporate users suggested that everyone liked the consumer-oriented Luna
theme better, and development of the Professional theme was cancelled.
Other user interface features that are present in Pro but not Home

Maybe we need a GNOME Home and a GNOME Pro
Chris Altmann - altmann rcsis com

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