Open Terminal here (was Re: PATCH: Bug 82463)

I agree that there is no use for an "open terminal item" in the desktop
context menu, the panel let you open a terminal more quickly !. But
there should be on keystroke available all other gnome's apps to open
it (like CTRL-T, if DEL is choosen for "move to trash" ?). With Sawfish/Enlightenment, I
did this keystroke. I can't with Metacity.

> Definitely from the desktop. I'd *love* to see this moved to a GConf
> (for the vaporware Tweak UI for GNOME :) which would make 'Open a
> Terminal here' appear on folders.

Don't understand this. But yes, I'd want a "open terminal here" item when
right clicking on/in a folder.
But if it's only a "power users" feature, it could be removed from the context menu. What I really need is a keystroke, the same as above, to open a terminal in the location of the folder which is opened or selected. Power users can learn keystrokes, can't them ?

Another option (which Michael Meeks has proposed on his list of gnome2
todos) is to actually just add the option for a split screen terminal
area in the nautilus window.
Hmmm... A terminal isn't a view that let you see the content of a
folder. So I prefer it to be a separate app, that can be left opened
when you close your nautilus window. And it's simpler to implement
: just a call to gnome's terminal.

Bertrand Dekoninck.

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