Re: PATCH: Bug 82463

On Mon, 2002-09-02 at 06:05, Dave Bordoley wrote: 
> > If opening new windows is an important/common operation the existing
> > system is *excellent*. 
> Of course this directly leads back to my patch for bug 82107 and the
> question of browser vs object metaphor. In a browser ui, yes "new
> window" is powerful, but I agree with you that a browser ui is limiting
> at best, and that an object metaphor is much better for a desktop
> shell/file manager. Using the object metaphor "new window" really
> becomes confusing (new window where?).

Does anyone have a real plan for the future of Nautilus? I mean, I don't
think it's a good idea to decide things like this case by case... If
Nautilus is supposed to be used as an object thing, then I wonder how
this would work right now. The UI is still bloated for this and there
wouldn't be any chance left to quickly find something on your disk
(besides doubleclicking on several folders and probably getting spammed
with new windows). 
I wonder if maybe the "browser" (something to quickly find a location on
the computer, similar to the treeview) and "viewer" should be separated?
The browser could then launch the viewer for the folder you want to look
into, once you found it. And both could be specialized to do what they
are supposed to do most efficiently. The viewer would basically be an
object (like a folder, an image or whatever) and the browser would be a
real application that helps you to organize and find your stuff. The
viewer component would be used for file managing tasks. 
However, I just hope that Nautilus gets a "plan", as currently I don't
really understand how I'm supposed to work with Nautilus and those
changes sound like they will remove even more functionality for me
without providing a real alternative...

I hope this didn't sound too negative, I'm not opposed to a change or
your patches, I just believe that there should be some kind of definete
roadmap so we don't end up with something that is good in theory but
doesn't work in praxis. ;)

- Daniel

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