Re: Patch: Snap to grid.

On Sun, 2002-10-27 at 16:00, Govind Salinas wrote:
> Here is a patch that implements snap to grid on the desktop.   I have a few
> concerns that are periferal to this.  First off there is no good way to handle
> an overflow of icons right now.  It was suggested to change the zoom level of
> the desktop, and that works, but it returns to the default zoom level on
> startup.  I left the code for this in, but commented.  Also, there are several
> places in NautilusIconContainer where they use DESKTOP_PAD_VERTICAL and
> DESKTOP_PAD_HORIZONTAL for padding of icons instead of ICON_PAD_*, I was
> wondering if this was correct or not. One other thing comes to mind.  The
> strech icon feature is not one that I have ever used, and I don't see it as
> being particularly useful. If this feature were removed and the elipsing of
> text were implemented.  The laying out of icons could be significantly
> simplified and there could be a small performance enhancement.  Anyway, just
> food for thought.
> -Govind Salinas
I am currently working on a dynamic snap-to-grid (on all the time in
manual layout mode) sort of like winXP; I think that is the correct way
to do it.

May be you and I can work together on this.

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