Re: [patch] pluggable property dialog pages

On 23 Oct 2002, James Willcox wrote:

> Hi,
> I've attached a patch that makes it possible to have mime-type-sensitive
> pages in the properties dialog.  It uses the good 'ol NautilusView stuff
> people are used to, so there wasn't much required to make it happen. 
> I've also attached a sample view that lets you see metadata contained in
> audio files (mp3, ogg, etc).  Let me know what you think.

I checked in the generic part of this, and an image property page. The 
image page is pretty lame right now, but i wanted to get it in as an 
example. Later i'll spice it up a bit and add libexif support to it so 
that you'll get nice data for your photos.

As i said before. The music info view should go in MonkeyMedia.

Michael said on irc that changing the view creation to use the async 
NautilusView control activation functions might be good. He also suggested 
that maybe we should use plain Bonobo components instead of NautilusViews, 
which might make sense.

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