Re: [PATCH]: Make file properties dialog a window

Hi Dave,

I'm kinda confused about why you think the window shouldn't be
re-sizable.  For example, think about the emblems page - users might
want to resize the window to see more emblems...

Since I can imagine other plugins which would benefit from a re-sizable
properties windows, can you explain the rational behind making it non

 - David

On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 13:22, bordoley msu edu wrote: 
> David Emory Watson <dwatson cs ucr edu> said:
> > 
> > This patch makes the file properties dialog a window again.  DaveB
> > already pointed out that this shouldn't have been changed because we
> > want to be able to minimize the properties window, and we don't want to
> > force the window to be on top.
> > 
> >  - David
> > 
> Yeah I royally screwed up by recommending that change :( sorry...
> Heres the relevant section of the hig:
> >From the hig:
> Property Windows
> Property windows allow the user to view and change the characteristics of an 
> object such as a document, file, drawing, or application launcher.
> Title Format: Object Name Properties
> Window Commands: Close, Minimize, Roll-up/Unroll
> Buttons: Place a Close button in the lower right corner
> Based on this information, I'm assuming that the properties window should be 
> a window, but should be non-resizable.
> dave


David Emory Watson <dwatson cs ucr edu>

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