Re: slow URI latency issue ...

Is this by any chance the cause of poor ftp loading in nautilus???

just wondering 


On Fri, 2002-05-31 at 12:34, Michael Meeks wrote:
> Hi there,
> 	I just noticed that when loading a slow URI nautilus does some odd
> things, that means that the application in question can't render any
> content before it's completed the 'PersistFoo::load' method.
> 	This is due to 2 reasons:
> 	Firstly the adaptor tried to send a 'report_load_underway' signal to
> nautilus main - but this could not get out until the load method had
> completed - since it was queued until the g_idle loop was hit. This
> means that nautilus was unaware that loading was in progress and thus
> couldn't switch to the new (loading in progress) view.
> 	Secondly even if the signal could have got through, the adaptor was
> blocking the processing of X events, while in the 'load' CORBA stub
> invocation [ quite rightly ], the problem with that is that the size
> allocation logic for the embedded eg. EOG component - could not occur
> since it needs X traffic, and thus we would end up with a badly sized
> control [ amusing to see only the top left 50x50 pixels of an image ].
> 	So - after playing with several solutions - I made the 'load' method
> asynchronous; thus the adaptor will return to it's idle loop, process
> the geometry management, the load will continue, we'll get a more
> responsive feel - and (in due course) we'll be able to get progressive
> network image loading to work nicely [ EOG patch in progress ].
> 	So - just to explain why / what I've done. The only user visible
> effects currently should be snappier image viewing, and a period where
> there's only a grey rectangle, before EOG renders it's content.
> 	Regards,
> 		Michael.
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