Re: [PATCH] Context-sensitive paste

Marcello can you please open a bug and attach your patch to it. My gut
feeling is the release team will never go for this, even if alex et al
developers did. breaks ui and string freezes.


On Fri, 2002-05-31 at 11:45, Marcello Raffa wrote:
> On Fri, 31 May 2002 10:10:18 +0200, I wrote:
> > The current context-insensitive "Paste file" menu item should be
> > renamed to "Paste here" (as short for "Paste in the current location")
> > and put somewhere farther in the context menu, beyond a new separator,
> > surely not where it is now. It would always do the same thing (that
> > is, what nautilus does right now) and would be always enabled, at
> > least as far as there's something to paste sitting in the clipboard.
> (I forgot that there's always the case in which the directory view is
> read only, which obviously disables pasting in the current location.)
> So, I think that the "Paste Files Here" menu item would have to belong
> to both the Edit menu and the background popup, but not to the
> selection popup.
> I've modified the patch to implement the "Paste Files Here"
> [Shift+Ctrl+V] and the "Paste Files Into Object" [Ctrl+V] (which,
> albeit longer, is clearer than "Paste Into" or etc.).
> However, as far as the Edit menu is concerned, while "Paste Files Into
> Object" took the place of the old paste item, I couldn't manage to
> make the newly-added "Paste Files Here" item appear anywhere but at
> the bottom of the menu ... changing its position in the .xml
> definition does not seem to work. Suggestions ? You surely know how to
> fix this. (It must be simple but I can't figure it :-< ...)
> I hope that the new patch is ok otherwise.
> Bye and thank you for your patience, I hope I'm not stressing you too
> much :).
> -- 
> Marcello Raffa
> mrooth @

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