Re: [PATCH] Context-sensitive paste

For the sake of mentioning it the UI review team (I'm not part of it
btw) recommended getting rid of qualifiers (file/files, text etc.) on
the cut copy and paste menu items. This might be a good idea. Not sure.
comments?? Regardless any string changes are post 2.0


On Wed, 2002-05-29 at 15:25, Marcello Raffa wrote:
> Hello,
> Currently when the user selects the "Paste file"/"Paste files" item of
> the icon view context menu, the clipboard contents are moved/copied in
> the current view, regardless of what is the current selection and
> *where* in the view workspace the user is actually right-clicking to
> open the context menu.
> I think that this behaviour should be corrected to make it
> context-sensitive (see also bug #47946). I've made a small patch
> against nautilus-1.1.18 to fm-directory-view.c which makes nautilus
> behave in the following way (and, I hope, break nothing else):
> 1) when the current selection involves more than one object, the paste
> menu item is accordingly disabled in clipboard_targets_received, since
> we can't assign a meaning to trying to paste to more than one
> destination at once
> 2) when the current selection involves only one object, then pick its
> uri as the destination for the move/copy action and set the paste menu
> item label to "Paste Into" (not sure if "Paste Inside" would be
> better; in bug #76952 "Paste Here" is suggested, but see below); note
> that clipboard_targets_received again disables the paste menu item if
> the selected object is not a directory
> 3) when the current selection is empty, assume that the user wants to
> move/copy the clipboard contents in the current location (which is
> what nautilus is always doing right now) and set the paste menu item
> label to "Paste Here"
> 4) the patch also makes a one-line addition in fm-icon-view.c, to
> empty the current selection when the user right-clicks on the
> background of the view workspace instead of right-clicking on one of
> the currently selected objects; this is not strictly needed, but I
> think it's more intuitive and click-saving (right now pasting in the
> current location requires two clicks if the selection is not empty)
> I hope that the patch is good. I've been using it for a few days and
> it seems to be ok.
> Anyways, even if the patch completely sucks, I would be glad to know
> what you think about the issue, and what are your plans about it. I
> find the current pasting behaviour very unintuitive and unnecessarily
> time-wasting.
> Have a good day,
> and thank you for nautilus ! :)

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