Re: desktop font + PATCH for 82565

On 28 May 2002, Dave Bordoley wrote:

> Maybe we shouldn't zoom down fonts pass the default size...frank does
> have point, if you zoom down the fonts get really tiny and can be hard
> to read. With the default themes this isn't really an issue but i did
> notice it when i recently tried gorilla for the first time in a while,
> since svg icons at 100% are pretty big.

If the fonts don't get smaller at the lower zoom levels then at some point
(e.g. at 25%) the fonts will be huge in comparison to the icons.  This
will be essentially the same problem you see now, only it will occur at a
different zoom level.

As far as I can see we have 3 options:

a) Tell the user to use a different theme or font.

b) Allow the theme to influence the rate at which fonts get bigger or

c) Create a preference which allows the user to specify the zoom level
at which the default font size will be used.

a) is lame (but easy :), b) won't entirely fix the problem (someone
somewhere won't like the default) and c) basically replaces the
functionality that we removed with an accessibility friendly variant.

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